Monday, September 13, 2010

Welcome to the Site!

So I've been thinking about starting a music site for a while. Couldn't figure out what I wanted to be about or any great ideas for starting it. Sadly I still don't have any those ideas, but I do have this site now.

I've been a true music lover for only a couple years now but music really does effect my life and how I live it. I can enjoy almost song, and if my iTunes playlist does from some Taylor Swift to a Eminem song it won't bother me one bit. I am currently 30 000+ songs deep in my computer, 95 days worth and a have almost listen to it all. Yeah you can call me a geek.

So what will this blog have in-store? Honestly I'm not too sure. I will be rolling out some of my favorite gems daily, in something I am titling My Daily Ditty, and sharing my feeling on some new music coming out each week. But besides that, well, we'll just have to see where the music takes me.


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